Saturday, June 23, 2018

Open arms - SheIn

Blouses and dresses with open arms have been very fashionable for some time now - Personally, I liked them recently looking through the offer of SheIn I came across many styles that attract the eye


Friday, June 15, 2018

SheIn Red blazer

Today on the blog after a long health break blazer from the SheIn store - Red will always stand out and this order from the SheIn store is my hit - I love the red is so contrasting - I took photos still in those colder days but unfortunately I did not add entry but sometimes there are even those colder days as soon as I approach I reach for my favorite blazer

Blazer - HERE 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Footway .....

Some time ago I showed you a post on facebook with an order from the Footway store - I have not had many things to take care of for a long time - Returning to the order from Footway, I spotted shoes that immediately caught my eye. I chose a size like I wear and the shoes fit perfectly in addition, the shipping is almost expresive - Footway store in its offer has many brand shoes is really what to choose, I love so much choice because of the shoes I'm so demanding and I have to say that this store in my opinion it was excellent.

In the store I chose two pairs of heeled shoes, some are exorbitantly high and blend in with a lot of stylization and the second I chose low heels and that I do not like the gray shoes I put on one of my favorite colors on a daily basis, red stands out and each stylization adds a touch of character

Black high heels - HERE

Red high heels - HERE