Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dresslily Look my favorite

I like this place the castle in the autumn is beautiful. Everywhere colorful leaves, feel magic there. I do not know why, but the color of maroon always reminds me of the closure and when I assume something in this color I like to go there for a session. Today in this enchanting place, I would like to show you one of my orders from the Dresslily store - a long tunic that will also work well in the autumn for tights and will replace the dress and black trousers that fit perfectly. The whole order has hit my taste - I think it was a hit choice.

Tunic blouse - HERE

Pants - HERE 

Feel free to Dresslily


  1. Świetna stylizacja, chciałabym takie spodnie:)

  2. Bardzo mi się podoba ten zestaw. Nie mogę napatrzeć się na Twoje buty


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