Thursday, April 12, 2018

Flower dress - SheIn

I am after a small break - the entry was to appear at the beginning of spring but before Easter holidays I came to the hospital and I could not do it for you - I could not wait to return, the stay in the hospital was quite tiring I do not like to spend time in medical facilities.

Since we already have spring and the weather is getting prettier, I wanted to show you a beautiful dress from the SheIn store flowers are a symbol of spring in many stores in a different part of the wardrobe appears this theme. and yet the flowers I like the most, the dress seems to be so innocent. Dress from the store SheIn stole my heart in the store and in reality is even more beautiful - Her performance is very good and species is also sensational - I highly recommend, if you like this type of dresses, she will steal your heart just as much as me.

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SheIn dress - HERE

I invite you to SheIn


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