Sunday, July 7, 2019

SHEIN Snake Skin Print Cami Top

The skin of the snake has recently become very fashionable. We can see it in every part of the wardrobe - No wonder it catches the eye - During a visit to the SheIn shop, I was tempted to the top with this motif - to the set I chose the paperbag trousers recently very liked by me, but choosing the photos I decided to combine the top with the skirt because then it was very hot.

Monika Balsam - Sztum

SHEIN Snake Skin Print Cami Top - HERE

I invite you to SheIn

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  1. Super koszulka, uwielbiam ten motyw :D

  2. Wyglądasz dobrze! pozdrawiam :)

  3. Świetna koszulka. Moim zdaniem jest ponadczasowa i pasuje do wszystkiego :)


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