Friday, June 19, 2020

Femme Luxe Look

I no longer remember when I was wearing heels - Recently, when we had many restrictions, I reached into the closet for these more convenient and classic connections, quick shopping and home - And at home onlain work and lessons with the child - It has become such a new routine which is not necessarily easy to get used to. However, recently I felt like a more elegant combination and in the Femme Luxe store I chose pants with crocodile print and a body - Totally black look adds character - Of course, the quality of selected things is a hit - I am completely satisfied with the order

Black Animal Crocodile Print Cigarette Trousers with Belt - Kim - HERE 

Black Double Cup Strappy Bodysuit - Lesley - HERE 

Trousers - HERE  /   Jeans - HERE  /  Black Lace Bodysuit - HERE  /  Corset Dress  - HERE


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